UV Curing resins are the way of the future for fly tying epoxy.  They are much quicker and easier to use.  No more mixing, no more trying to hurry before curing, and no more of those terrible drying wheels.  These curing resins make epoxying so much easier.  Just zap with a UV light, and its done.  

Solarez was actually the inventor of UV resin.  They originally made it for surf boards, and have moved into products designed for fly tying, among many other applications.  They currently have 4 formulas specialized for fly tying.  The Thin Hard formula is great for penetrating thread wraps and fibers.  Also great for applying eyes and thin coats over bodies.  The Thick Hard formula is great for building bug bodies and when you need a thicker and slower formula.  The Flex formula is really great for repairing waders, and building bodies that need to "flex" or bend without the formula cracking.  I also use this for some knots to keep their strength and to smooth them out.  The most recent formula they came out with is bone dry.  This cures super hard, and very quickly.  It also comes with a brush applicator and is great for use as head cement.