UFM Tippet & Leader



For more than four decades, we have been developing and introducing innovative leaders and tippet materials to the market. From our unique Power Taper leaders — which improve casting distance and enhance turnover — to our many specialized saltwater leaders, we like to think that we have played a critical role in many trophy angling stories. Today, we proudly offer over 200 premium freshwater and saltwater nylon and SuperFluoro leaders, as well as specialty hand-tied leaders.

We are dedicated to providing anglers the most precise, consistent and reliable leaders and tippet materials available. Advancements and investments in the latest industry technology empower us to make the most reliable and consistent leaders and tippet material available. 

So go ahead … attach an Umpqua leader to your fly line, or tie on some Umpqua tippet or leader material, and experience extreme performance and complete control.

Umpqua Freshwater Nylon is available in two types of material. We have improved upon our original “Steelhead Strength and Spring Creek Suppleness”, giving it the best diameter to strength ratio available. Our Tough Nylon is a medium hard material with incredible abrasion resistance and knot strength. Both nylon materials are available in a wide array of species specific tapered leaders and matching tippet material.

Olive-tinted Tough Nylon is a harder, stiffer, and very abrasion-resistant material. Designed to turn-over bigger flies for big fish in freshwater, from steelhead/salmon to largemouth/peacock bass.

Umpqua’s Saltwater Leader Material is a clear, medium hard, moderately stiff “tippet” made from the strongest and most abrasion-resistant nylon. Whether stripping small bonefish flies over coral bottoms or casting large 4/0 deceivers, this is the perfect leader material for the rigors of saltwater conditions. Recommended for all Umpqua saltwater leaders and offered in a full range of sizes to tie your own.

SuperFluoro Tippet material is a premium 100% fluorocarbon product with Herculean strength, particularly wet knot strength. It’s the finest fluorocarbon material available. Our SuperFluoro Leaders are extruded from 100% fluorocarbon and include a looped butt section. Superior abrasion resistance, low visibility and high knot strength make these the fluorocarbon leaders for every angler.

Big Game fluorocarbon tippet material is stiffer than SuperFluoro™ and offers greater mass for casting bigger flies to big fish in freshwater (salmon, steelhead) or saltwater. Made of 100% fluorocarbon, Big Game is nearly invisible to fish, sinks quickly, and is incredibly abrasion-resistant whether fished over coral heads, rocks or root wads. Recommended for use with Umpqua Tough™ freshwater leaders and all saltwater nylon and Big Game fluorocarbon leaders.