Fly Angler is a wholesale distributor. We specialize in fly fishing, we carry a large variety of product lines. We sell rods, reels, lines, stream side accessories, tying tools, flies and everything you could possibly want to tie your own. We essentially carry ALL you need to get your customers out on the water and into fish...ok maybe that’s up to them! For over 20 years we have been stocking our retailers shelves with high quality products at affordable prices. We are your one stop shop! Most orders depending on size will be processed and shipped by the next business day.

Lucky for us, you and I the suppliers “the tug is the drug” let F.A.D. be your dealer
 Please note what you see on our website is only a small portion of what we actually stock. Although we have been around for 2 decades we are new on the web and this is still a work in progress. At your request we would be happy to send you a complete list of our products and prices

If you are a retailer or a fishing lodge and would like access to our wholesale pricing webiste please fill out and submit the form below.

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